The human touch at the centre of our technical expertise

At METALLOX, the human touch is at the heart of our organisation. Our collective expertise is based above all on individual technical skills. We attach very great importance to the training programmes for all our employees. All individuals must be able to express their technical expertise freely and grow through their trade.

Our training programme is based on 3 main areas:

  • Team integrity and security
  • Skill enhancement
  • Autonomy in work

Sense of service and customer responsibility

METALLOX’s sole objective is customer satisfaction. Its sense of service and responsiveness is based on this motto, which acts as a daily motivation for each employee within our organisation:

“Say what we will do, do what we have said and always keep a critical mind.”

An environmentally friendly industry

At each stage of production, METALLOX seeks to protect the environment wherever possible through the strict application of ISO Standard 14001.